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Gue-sung nets brace to secure KFA Cup trophy beating Seoul by 3-1[3]

Gue-sung Cho scored a brace and Barrow marked 1 goal and 1 assist to bring Jeonbuk Hyundai the trophy of 2022 KFA Cup. Jeonbuk won by 3-1 against FC Seoul in the 2nd leg of 2022 KFA Cup Final at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on October 30th. Having played a 2-2 draw in the 1st leg, Jeonbuk won 5-3 on aggregate to reach the top and to be the winningest club of the tournament. (2000, 2003, 2005, 2020 and 2022) Jeonbuk started in 4-1-4-1: Gue-sung Cho; Barrow, Jin-gyu Kim, Bo-kyung Kim, Min-gyu Song; Seung-ho Paik; Jinsu Kim, Young-sun Yun, Jaryong Ku, Moon-hwan Kim; and Bum-keun Song. FC Seoul played in 4-4-2: Young-wook Cho, Palocevic; Sang-ho Na, Sung-yeung Ki, Osmar, Seong-jin Kang; Jinya Kim, Juseong Kim, Sangmin Lee, Jong-gyu Yun; and Hanbin Yang. In the first 10 minutes, the cheering from both sides’ fans wasn’t made due to the accident in Itaewon, and the fans supported their clubs with clapping. (9’) Jeonbuk opened the match: Gue-sung’s pass was linked to Jin-gyu, who penetrated toward the box and Barrow scored a left-footer. Jeonbuk 1-0 Seoul. Jeonbuk grabbed the possession and accelerate their attack and utilized the left flank of Jinsu and Barrow, while Seoul sought some counter strikes but none of them were threatening. (45’+) Jeonbuk widened the gap to 2-0: Barrow’s cross from left side was connected to Gue-sung’s header shot. Seoul placed Iljutcenko to reverse the atmosphere, which kept being dominated by Jeonbuk playing high pressing and side attacks, however. (60’) Seoul put Dong-jin Park to add forward, while Jeonbuk replaced Moon-hwan with Chul-soon Choi. (69’) The substituted Dong-jin Park scored a chaser. (74’) Seoul wanted to balance the scoreboard and put Dong-won Ji. Jeonbuk substituted Min-gyu Song and Barrow with Bo-kyung Choi and Seung-ki Lee. (89’) Jeonbuk made it 3-1 when Gue-sung performed a solo penetration to launch a right-footer. Jeonbuk eventually sealed the victory to lift the KFA Cup trophy.



Barrow & Gyuseong bring Jeonbuk 2-2 draw against Seoul[3]

Jeonbuk Hyundai played a 2-2 draw against FC Seoul in the 1st leg of KFA Cup Final at Seoul World Cup Stadium on October 27th. Jeonbuk face the 2nd leg with two goals of away-goal advantage, which means a 0-0 or 1-1 tie can even bring them the trophy. Jeonbuk started in 4-3-3: Barrow, Gyuseong Jo, Min-kyu Song; Jin-kyu Kim, Jaemoon Ryu, Seong-woong Maeng; Jinsu Kim, Young-sun Yun, Jinseop Park, Moon-hwan Kim; and Bum-keun Song. (3’) Seoul opened the game when Sung-yueng Ki launched a quick long-ranger ahead the penalty box to hit the net. (16’) Jeonbuk missed a golden opportunity. Jin-kyu’s pass was headed to Barrow, who directly delivered a low cross into the centre. Gyuseong was rushing for the net and tipped the ball, but the shot was denied by the goalkeeper Hanbin Yang. (30’) Jeonbuk suffered a bad luck when Jinsu’s left-footed shot hit the cross bar. In the following mess, Min-kyu’s shot netted but the VAR review said it had been an offside situation. (38’) Seoul widened the gap after escaping some crises. Jinya Kim, on the left flank, delivered a right-footed cross and Young-wook Cho scored with a header. (43’) Jeonbuk’s chase started when Barrow penetrated Osmar and Sang-ho Na to net with a splendid left-footer. (45’+) Jeonbuk marked the equalizer to close the 1st half. Min-kyu’s header hit Jinya Kim on the hand and Jeonbuk was given a penalty kick. Gyuseong tricked the goalkeeper to score. (46’) Jeonbuk started the 2nd half replacing Jaemoon and Seong-woong with Seung-ho Paik and Bo-kyung Kim. (49’) Bo-kyung proved his value when targeting the corner of the net with a powerful left-footer which was blocked by Hanbin Yang. (51’) Again, Hanbin Yang saved Seoul. Barrow outdistanced Seoul defense to speed toward the net to face an 1-on-1 chance, but the goalie rapidly rushed to keep the ball out. (73’) Seoul responded when Dongjin Park solo penetrated Jeonbuk defense to launch a right-footer, which was blocked by Bum-keun. (77’) Palocevic tried a left-footed one in the box but couldn’t threaten the goalkeeper. No more goal happened, and the game ended in 2-2.



Gyuseong’s brace brings Jeonbuk 2-1 win against Incheon to complete the season[3]

Jeonbuk Hyundai won by 2-1 against Incheon United in K League 1 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on October 23rd and have marked 73rd points finally to finish second place in this campaign. Meanwhile, Incheon have achieved 54 points to finish 4th. Jeonbuk started in 4-4-2: Gyuseong Jo, Bo-kyung Kim; Sang-yun Kang, Jaemoon Ryu, Seung-ki Lee, Kyo-won Han; Jinseong Park, Young-sun Yun, Jinseop Park, Moon-hwan Kim; and Bum-keun Song. The battle was focused on the midfield and both sides performed advance-and-retreat game. (32’) Jeonbuk replaced Sang-yun and Jinseong with Barrow and Jinsu Kim. Incheon tried a keen shot in this unsettled situation, which was denied by Bum-keun. (41’) Jeonbuk were making intensive attacks after the change and awarded a penalty when in the mess Kyo-won’s shot hit Delbridge in the arm. Gyuseong took it and scored to make it 1-0 lead. The mood continued in the 2nd half. Gyuseong and Seung-ki tried serial shots to annoy Incheon’s defense. (57’) Gyuseong made his brace for Jeonbuk: Barrow’s pass from the rear went for Gyuseong, who launched a strong left-footer to make it 2-0. (58’) Jeonbuk substituted Seung-ki and Kyo-won with Seon-min Moon and Jin-kyu Kim. (68’) Incheon marked a chaser. Jun-yeop Kim’s cross led the header by Min-seok Kim: Jeonbuk 2-1 Incheon. Jeonbuk sealed their victory in the season’s finale.



Gyuseong & Jin-kyu bring Jeonbuk 2-1 win against Jeju[3]

Jeonbuk Hyundai won by 2-1 against Jeju United in K League 1 at Jeju World Cup Stadium on October 16th, which has been their 20th victory of the season and has given them 70th points. Jeonbuk started with Gyuseong Jo, Min-kyu Song, Sang-yun Kang, Jin-kyu Kim, Jaemoon Ryu, Barrow, Chul-soon Choi, Jinseop Park, Young-sun Yun, and Jinseong Park. (36’) Jeonbuk got the opener when the military-discharged Gyuseong scored with a left-footer from Barrow’s right-flank cross. The 1st half were being led by Jeonbuk: 1-0. (53’) Jeonbuk widened the gap when Jin-kyu launched a long ranger ahead the penalty box. (87’) Jeju responded with the header from Min-kyu Ju which was his 17th goal of the campaign. No more goal happened and the game was sealed with Jeonbuk’s victory by one goal difference.



Jeonbuk beats Gangwon to chase Ulsan until the end[3]

Jeonbuk Hyundai won by 1-0 against Gangwon FC in K League 1 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on October 11th to mark their 67th pts and to continue the championship race. Jeonbuk will be awarded the 2nd place in this campaign at least. Jeonbuk had started the match with a precious hope, thanks to the news about the 1-1 tie between Ulsan, the leader, and Pohang. Ulsan sought to seal the trophy but now they need to watch how Jeonbuk plays. Jeonbuk’s manager Sang-sik Kim said “The team is reminded about the huge importance of winning today and I trust my players. The previous match with Ulsan was full of warlike factors but firearms, and we played nice. The league is not over yet, and we are trying our best. Defending champions must do the best they can do for the fans. Winning is not negotiable.” Jeonbuk played with some core players, having lost Kyo-won Han, Seong-woong Maeng(injured), Barrow and Jeong-ho Hong (sent off), and the opponent have shown nice performances with their manager Yong-soo Choi. The situation never seemed to be easy. (24’) However, Jeonbuk opened the match when Ja-ryong Ku converted Bo-kyung Kim’s corner kick into a header to bring an 1-0 lead. Leading the possession, Jeonbuk played a fierce game with Gangwon. Gangwon made their pace in the 2nd half, and Jeonbuk were in disarray by the injuries of Moon-hwan Kim and Bo-kyung Choi. Yet, Jeonbuk managed to block every attack from Gangwon and seal their victory to chase Ulsan ‘til the end.



Barrow scores in fierce match: Jeonbuk 1-2 Ulsan[3]

Jeonbuk Hyundai lost a ‘Hyundai-ga Derby’ by 1-2 against Ulsan Hyundai in K League 1 at Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium on October 8th. Jeonbuk started in 4-4-2: Min-kyu Song, Gyuseong Jo; Sang-yun Kang, Seong-woong Maeng, Seung-ho Paik, Kyo-won Han; Chulsoon Choi, Youngsun Yun, Jinseop Park, Moon-hwan Kim; Bum-keun Song. Both sides started competing to dominate the possession and to open the match. (19’) Ulsan replaced ‘under-22’ Kiyun Choi with Wonsang Eom to reinforce the agility of the squad. (23’) Jeonbuk substituted Sang-yun with Barrow. (33’) Jeonbuk marked the opener. Paik’s corner kick from the right side was tipped by Song’s header, and Barrow hit the net: Jeonbuk 1-0 Ulsan. Ulsan performed a fierce attack to frighten Jeonbuk defence with Vako and Chung-yong Lee. (49’) Ulsan’s offence got harder in the 2nd half, and Eom’s shot was blocked by Chulsoon’s last-ditch defending. (54’) Jeonbuk’s Maeng was seriously injured by Young-gwon Kim, and Jeonbuk replaced him with Jaemoon Ryu. (58’) Also, Jeonbuk substituted Kyo-won with Gustavo. (64’) Ulsan was awarded a penalty kick when the referee said Leonardo tripped over Jeonbuk’s defense. However, the VAR review denied it. (73’) Ulsan’s Yong-woo Park tried a keen shot but it was blocked by Jeonbuk’s goalkeeper. (74’) Ulsan replaced Tae-hwan Kim with Martin Adam to score at any cost. (90’+) Ulsan was awarded a penalty kick due to Jaemoon’s handball foul, and Martin Adam scored to balance the match. Moreover, Martin Adam marked the reversal to beat Jeonbuk.


Gyuseong brings Jeonbuk to KFA Cup Final: Jeonbuk 2-1 Ulsan[3]

Jeonbuk Hyundai beated Ulsan Hyundai by 2-1 in 2022 KFA Cup Semifinal at Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium after an extra-time battle, which brought them to the final. The last time they reached a final was in 2020. Jeonbuk started in 4-4-2: Min-kyu Song, Gyuseong; Barrow, Seung-ho Paik, Seong-woong Maeng, Kyo-won han; Jinsu Kim, Youngsun Yun, Jinseop Park, Moon-hwan Kim; Bum-keun Song. (6’) Kyo-won penetrated the right side to deliver a cross to the box, which led Min-kyu’s shot that hit the post. In the following scene, Min-kyo broke through and passed it to Jinsu, who launched a shot. (12’) After defending the rival, Ulsan opened the game with Dujae Won’s goal: Vako penetrated and fired a shot denied by Bum-keun. The ball was snatched by Gyuseong Lee and Dujae scored with his instinct right footer. Ulsan led by 1-0. Ulsan were gradually bringing possession, while Jeonbuk continually sought an equalizer. (39’) Barrow brought a balance with a left-footed long ranger: Jeonbuk 1-1 Ulsan. Ulsan initiated the 2nd half placing Wonsang Eom. Jeonbuk had their momentum to put more attacking pressure. (60’) Ulsan put Chung-yong Lee and Jeonbuk, Bo-kyung Kim as offensive changes. (68’) Ulsan’s Eom penetrated the right flank and tried a keen shot, which was blocked by the goalpost. (70’) Ulsan replaced Adam Martin with Leonardo. (77’) Jeonbuk placed Seonmin Moon. (87’) Jeonbuk substituted injured Jinsu with Chul-soon Choi. (90’+) Ulsan’s Leonardo was sent off: he hit Jinseop with the head in a duel and was awarded an red card, while Jinseop got a yellow. The game maintained 1-1 and it went into the extra time. Ulsan replaced Kihee Kim with Seung-hyun Jeong to start the additional part and to reinforce the defence, The 1st half of the extra time ended with no goal and Jeonbuk substituted Seong-woong Maeng with Jin-kyu Kim. (108’) Jeonbuk achieved the reversal. Moon-hwan delivered a low cross to the box and Gyuseong Jo scored: Jeonbuk 2-1 Ulsan. Jeonbuk kept the lead to reach the final.



Jeonbuk beat Pohang by 3-1: 4 serial victories[3]

A brace by Kyo-won helped Jeonbuk win Pohang and mark 4th victories in a row. Jeonbuk Hyundai won by 3-1 against Pohang Steelers in K League 1 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on October 1st. They have marked 64 points to fiercely chase the leader Ulsan and their atmosphere got raised with the four consecutive wins. Jeonbuk started in 4-2-3-1: Gustavo; Barrow, Sang-yun Kang, Kyo-won Han; Seung-ho Paik, Seong-woong Maeng; Jinsu Kim, Jinseop Park, Jeong-ho Hong, Moon-hwan Kim; Bum-keun Song. (11’) Jeonbuk beated a first punch in a rough battle: Moon-hwan penetrated the right flank and delivered a low cross to the box for Barrow, who scored with instinct to make it 1-0. The opener became a stepping-stone for Jeonbuk to continue pressing, while Pohang sought counterattack chances with long-range passes from their rear part. (30’) Pohang equalized it: a cross from the right side went for Young-jun Go, who tipped it with the right foot. Jeonbuk faced the 2nd half replacing Sang-yun Kang with Gyuseong Jo, while Pohang substituted Gwang-hyeok Lee with Jaehee Jeong. Jeonbuk performed a harder attack with Gyuseong, dominating the possession with high pressing. (57’) They widened the gap: Barrow penetrated from the half line and forwarded it to Kyo-won, who scored. (59’) Jeonbuk replaced Jeong-ho Hong with Youngsun Yun. (72’) Pressing the rival, Kyo-won scored another one for Jeonbuk. Jinseop Park delivered a long pass from their rear side, and it crossed the Pohang defense to reach Kyo-won, who faced the goalie 1 on1. His first shot was denied by the post but Kyo-won had good patience to snatched the ball to score. Jeonbuk eventually beated Pohang in 3-1.


Title race alive : Jeonbuk 3-2 Suwon[3]

Jeonbuk Hyundai keep the league-title race alive with a comeback win against Suwon Samsung. Jeonbuk won by 3-2 against Suwon Samsung in K League 1 at Suwon World Cup Stadium on September 18th with serial goals by Gyuseong Jo and Barrow, and they have marked 61 points to keep the 5-point gap with Ulsan Hyundai who beated Suwon FC. Jeonbuk started in 4-2-3-1: Gyuseong; Barrow, Bo-kyung Kim, Kyo-won Han; Seung-ho Paik, Jaemoon Ryu; Jinsu Kim, Youngsun Yun, Jinseop Park, Moon-hwan Kim; and Bum-keun Song. Both sides performed a fierce atmosphere, competing for possession in midfield with several fouls. (17’) Suwon opened the match in a corner-kick situation: Kije Lee’s accurate cross led a header shot backward by Hyun-gyu Oh to make it 1-0. (20’) Jeonbuk under pressure: Jaemoon committed a rough foul to Seung-woo Ryu to be given a yellow card. (22’) Jeonbuk were seeking for equalizer and Gyuseong got tripped by Saric to achieve a penalty kick, but the VAR review denied it. The manager Sang-sik Kim was given a yellow after complaining. (37’) Despite the decision, Jeonbuk were leading the game, and a decisive variable happened: Saric, having received a card in the 32nd min, got another one to be expelled from the pitch. (42’) Now Jeonbuk accelerated with a numerical advantage: Bo-kyung launched a long ranger ahead the penalty box, which was denied by Hyungmo Yang. Their attack followed and stood firm to end the 1st half in 0-1. Jeonbuk made changes to start the 2nd half, replacing Youngsun and Jaemoon with Jaryong Ku and Seung-ki Lee, while Suwon substituting Byungjun Ahn with Jin-woo Jeon. (54’) And Jeonbuk started dominating the possession: they replaced Bo-kyung with Jin-kyu Kim, who became the core of the squad’s high pressing. (59’) They finally made the equalizer: the ball hit Bulthuis on the arm in a mess and a penalty kick was awarded. The VAR didn’t cancel it this time and the scoreboard became balanced. (63’) Jeonbuk continued the momentum and reversed the score: Barrow, facing defenders in a counterattack, launched a daring long-ranger to make it 2-1. (68’) Suwon substituted Tae-hwan Kim with Manabu to chase the rival. (82’) However, Bulthuis was given his second yellow card to be ruled out of the match, and Suwon were collapsing. (86’) Jeonbuk widened the gap when Barrow scored another one. (90’+) Suwon didn’t give up the game and Manabu marked a penalty-kick chaser. Jeonbuk conceded no more goal and sealed it with a win.



Barrow seals 1-0 win for Jeonbuk against Seongnam to chase Ulsan by 5 points[3]

Jeonbuk secured precious three points with Barrow’s goal. Jeonbuk Hyundai won by 1-0 against Seongnam FC in K League 1 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on September 14th to mark their 58th points and to narrow the gap with Ulsan Hyundai in the championship race. Jeonbuk placed Gyuseong Jo, Kyo-won Han, Bo-kyung Kim, Barrow, Seong-woong Maeng, Seung-ho Paik, Chul-soon Choi, Jinseop Park, Young-sun Yun, Jinsu Kim and Bum-keun Song. (21’) Jeonbuk missed a good opportunity when Barrow almost got the superb pass from Jinsu but the ball went away. (23’) Jeonbuk continued their offence: Paik launched a shot in a free situation ahead the penalty arc but the ball got blocked by the defence. The following header from Gyuseong also failed to hit the net. (26’) Jeonbuk finally scored when Barrow didn’t want to miss again and made a header from Jinsu’s cross. Barrow marked his 9th and two-game consecutive goal and Jinsu, his 3rd assist this year. (34’) Seongnam responded with a right footer from Min-hyeok Kim that missed the net. The 1st half ended being led by Jeonbuk with one goal. (74’) Seongnam struggled to get an equalizer: Min-hyeok tipped the cross from right flank and the ball went out with a tiny margin. (81’) Jeonbuk sought a second goal: the joker Seonmin Moon tried a shot from Barrow’s great pass from the left flank but the ball was denied by the goalkeeper. Not any more goal in the 2nd half : Jeonbuk 1-0 Seongnam.