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Paik & Barrow bring Jeonbuk 2-2 draw with Gimcheon
manager 199/2022-09-09

Jeonbuk Hyundai played a 2-2 draw against Gimcheon Sangmu in K League 1 at Gimcheon Sports Complex on September 3rd, which gave them 51st points in the current campaign.

Jeonbuk played in 4-2-3-1: Gustavo; Barrow, Bo-kyung Kim; Jin-kyu Kim, Seong-woong Maeng, Seung-ho Paik; Jinseong Park, Young-sun Yun, Jinseop Park, Moon-hwan Kim; and Bum-keun Song.

Jeonbuk started their offence with short passes and Gustavo dominating the high air, while Gimcheon put majority of themselves in the frontline to face the rival.

(23’) Jeonbuk attacked without pause and Jinseop’s header in the corner-kick situation was denied by the goalkeeper.

(40’) Gimcheon managed to guard against Jeonbuk and made the opener: Jun-seok Lee penetrated the left flank and delivered the ball for Kyung-min Kim to tip it and score. Gimcheon 1-0 Jeonbuk.

(49’) Jeonbuk was given a penalty when Bo-kyung captured a mistake from Gimcheon defense and stumbled over the goalie In-jae Hwang. Paik made it with any doubt to equalize the scoreboard.

(59’) Jeonbuk replaced Jin-kyu Kim with Seonmin Moon to mass fire, and there followed some attacking scenes, such as Gustavo’s serial header shots blocked by the goalkeeper.

(63’) Gimcheon put Jihyeon Kim, Seokju Yun and Junbeom Kim to alter the atmosphere.

(70’) Jeonbuk sent Seung-ki Lee and Kyo-won Han.

(73’) Jeonbuk reversed the match when the low pass from Kyo-won and Seung-ki was delivered to Barrow and he scored with header: Gimcheon 1-2 Jeonbuk

(78’) However, Jeonbuk conceded Gimcheon another equalizer to end the match by 2-2.

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