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Double brace by Barrow and Han: Jeonbuk 5-0 Daegu
manager 252/2022-09-11

Jeonbuk Hyundai beated Daegu FC by 5-0 in K League 1 at DGB Daegu Bank Park on September 10th, thanks to the braces by Barrow and Han. Now Jeonbuk have obtained 55 points in the league campaign.

Jeonbuk started in 4-2-3-1: Gyuseong Cho; Barrow, Kyo-won Han, Bo-kyung Kim; Seung-ho Paik, Seong-woong Maeng; Jinsu Kim, Young-sun Yun, Jinseop Park, Chul-soon Choi; and Bum-keun Song.

(10’) Jeonbuk opened the game when Barrow hit the net with his sudden left-footer after receiving the ball snatched by Bo-kyung: Jeonbuk 1-0 Daegu.

Gyuseong played Jeonbuk’s solo-striker role and had a great stamina to pressure the rival, while Daegu sought to counterattack but it was never easy being blocked by Jeonbuk’s defense.

(42’) Continuously threatening the opponent, Jeonbuk widened the score gap: Jinsu’s cross from the left flank was converted into Jinseop’s header shot: Jeonbuk 2-0 Daegu.

(51’) The momentum remained in the 2nd half and Jeonbuk got another goal. A pass from the rear reached Gyuseong, who beated out the defense and shotted. Daegu’s goalie Seung-hoon Oh blocked it but the ball was left for Barrow to score: Jeonbuk 3-0 Daegu.

(58’) Daegu replaced Jin-yong Lee with Huseong Oh to alter the atmosphere, and in the following scene, Jeong-hoon Hong tried a header denied by the goalkeeper.

(62’) Daegu’s defense was in disturbance and Jeonbuk didn’t leave them recover: Kyo-won Han performed a solo penetration and scored to give Jeonbuk four-goal lead. Then Daegu substituted Chul Hong with Wooseok Kim to supplement their defense.

(65’) Penha launched a sudden long-ranger for Daegu but it hit the crossbar.

(66’) Jeonbuk made it 5-0 when Kyo-won scored after Barrow’s cross.

(67’) Jeonbuk replaced Gyuseong Cho, Bo-kyung Kim and Barrow with Gustavo, Jin-kyu Kim and Seonmin Moon.

(85’) Daegu never surrendered and kept trying to get one single goal, and Seong-won Jang tried a keen one, but it was also blocked by the goalkeeper.

Jeonbuk succeeded in keeping Daegu off and sealed the tremendous victory.

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